Africa (South Africa) : Xhosa people "The Xhosa people of South Africa are probably best known for their most famous son, Nelson Mandela, but many Xhosa live far from the modern world, deep in the Transkei region on the country’s Eastern Cape. This picture captures the most important adventure in these boys’ lives – their initiation into manhood, which involves five weeks of isolation"


Africa (Angola) : Mudimba people 
 Mudimba girls wear beaded wigs which means they have had their first periods but are not ready for marriage. | © Eric Lafforgue


Asia (Rajasthan, Gujarat, Pradesh and Pakistan) : The Banjara people, (also called Lamani people)


Asia (India) : Maha Shivratri (festival) Maha Shivratri (the ‘Great Night of Shiva’) is a Hindu festival celebrated every year in reverence of Lord Shiva.


Asia (India) : Kashmiri people. It is common for kashmiri men in to use henna dye on their hair or beards. They also wear clothes of vivid colors.


Asia (India) : The Ramamni community.Members of the Ramnami Community tattoo the name of their god “Ram” on their entire body, including the inside of their lips and their tongue. Morever, their current chief became blind a long time ago because he tried to tattoo his eyeballs.


South America : Yekuana tribe


Asia (Chin State of Myanmar) : Uppriu tribeWomen of the Uppriu tribe blackened (tattoo) their faces completely from hairline to jawline, sparing only the lips, eyelids included.